crisis sigil

by crisis sigil

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released April 29, 2019

cover art assistance by devi


all rights reserved



Ada Rook Toronto, Ontario

im rook from black dresses

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Track Name: purity
i admit frailty
in the face of purity
what do you want me to be?


i don't understand what you want

Track Name: belong
where do we belong?
we make do with what we can
our souls fragile in our hands
we exist in wounded unity
we hurt each other
is this really all we can be?

i don't know what i am looking for

this place is hollow
from far away it looked different
there's no comfort, no respite
backstabbing and clawing
and trying to find our way back out
to the world we left
different levels of hell
variations on the same theme

hold on
please hold on
hold on
i promise we belong
please look at me
we know who we have to be
Track Name: nothing
i was not protected
i was not protected from you

i don't owe you anything

there was a hole here
it's gone now
have i made it this far?

i don't owe you anything

there was nothing
i ran away from you
Track Name: breathe
there is so much more
so outside of what i can ever be
i still don't understand why i feel disgust
at the way i speak and breathe

no you can't see inside me
no you don't see what i see
i tell myself it's a comfort
but i still feel so other

inside: invisible
dreams, disgust: indivisible
Track Name: fissure
and so this fissure widens
unscalable cold recollection
impossible distance between
what we feel and what we need

i don't know anymore
i cause hurt and ignore
i don't understand
anything that's said to me

i act out what i perceive
to perpetuate my fragile reality

i don't know anymore
i cause hurt and ignore
i don't understand
anything that's said to me

there is no belonging
and there is no relief.

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